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Our Origin

The Vanity Case Company was first envisioned by entrepreneur and businesswoman, Sharon Davies, when in 2017 she took a five-day business trip to Paris:

“Upon arrival, I noticed that neither I, nor many of the other female entrepreneurs had anything near luxurious or stylish enough to reflect the beauty of our surroundings, and the importance of the trip, I saw either unflattering bags or mismatched luggage that reflected nothing about who we were as women. I felt deflated, but simultaneously determined to fix that disparity in the most beautiful way.”

Vanity boxes first appeared during the Victorian era. Designed for upper class gentry to use whilst travelling, they were a status symbol, typifying wealth and social standing within contemporary society. During the latter Victorian era, as men’s travel cases became more masculine, and women’s travel became more frequent, the vanity case evolved into something more elegant, a feminine reflection of beauty and sophistication. 

Appreciation for the exquisite luxury and beauty that vanity cases represent persevered into the early 20th century, with glamorous Hollywood actresses Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day becoming synonymous with them. However, the ‘throw-away’ mentality of the 21st century has meant that whilst certain celebrities still use vanity cases, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba, in general, these beautiful handcrafted travel items haven’t been readily available to everyone.


Until now.

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We at The Vanity Case Company firmly believe that elegance and sophistication are outward displays of beautiful internal traits that the modern woman exemplifies. It is our aim to present the internal through the external, by offering luxurious items that timelessly honour these aspects of Her.