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Sometimes the modern woman wants to stand out; to proudly present who she is to the world through bold statements that express her beauty and independence.

To be Iconic.


This completely bespoke, premium service combines your unique vision with our superior workmanship and knowledge to create exquisite one-of-a-kind designs that are meticulously tailored to impeccably reflect your identity.

“Iconic allows you to intricately create the perfect vanity case, one that beautifully encapsulates who you are as an individual, and expresses it in luxurious detail. No two Bespoke vanities are ever the same.”

Sharon Davies, Founder of The Vanity Case Company

Beauty in the detail

Your bespoke Iconic vanity case will reflect your identity through every aspect of loving creation. The almost limitless number of exquisite design options can be selected based on your tastes, desires, and even cultural or humanitarian requirements. From vegan leather to exotics, your personal preferences will be paramount throughout the meticulous hand-crafting of your luxurious and unparalleled fashion statement.

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Iconic features a wealth of dedicated additional services, including:

  • A rich choice of sumptuous silks, leathers, vegan leathers and exotics.
  • Lavish adornments, including precious metals & stones.
  • Beautifully designed Italian lock and key – adding security to beauty.
  • Personalised initials engraving on the vanity case lock.
  • Hand painted and embroidered flourishes for an extra personal touch.
  • 18 carat gold and palladium plating or solid precious metals
  • 100% British made with only the finest quality materials and expert workmanship.
  • Matching accessories to embolden your unparalleled creation.

Personalised Luxury

The tailoring of your bespoke Iconic vanity case will be overseen by your own dedicated Vanity Case stylist. During your private consultation, their sole purpose will be to utilise their wealth of experience to help you create a vanity case that intricately matches your tastes. No aspect of the exceptional design process will be completed without your requirements being met. Your perfect vanity case will be handcrafted by a personalised creation artisan, boasting years of unrivalled experience. After twelve weeks of exquisite crafting with impeccable attention to detail, your Iconic travel case will be personally delivered to you.

The next journey you take together is in your hands!

To begin your Iconic journey, contact us at: enquiries@thevanitycasecompany.com