Vegan tan leather case London vanity case
The Vanity Case Company Logo
The Vanity Case Company Logo

The Vanity Case Company Founder Sharon Davies is a firm believer in sustainability, philanthropy and good ethics. Those positive qualities have become the cornerstone of The Vanity Case Company itself. We are wholly committed to using ethically sourced materials, from the products all the way through to the packaging. We pride ourselves on working with companies committed to minimizing environmental impact and reducing it’s, and by extension our own, carbon footprint. In addition, we utilise British sourced materials where possible, not only to draw from our rich heritage, but also so that we are able to oversee all aspects of the creation process ourselves and be satisfied with the ethics.

Ethical Trading

As a responsible brand, the welfare of not only our own workers, but also those of our partner companies is of the utmost importance. We believe that all employees have the right to be treated fairly and with respect, and that their employers should provide a safe and productive environment. We categorically refuse to use any companies who do not protect the rights of their employees, or have questionable working environments. All of our suppliers have been fully vetted and we are proud to be working with them; all leathers and materials are guaranteed to come from reputable and licenced sources.

Vegan tan leather case London vanity case

Microfiber leather

Our Vegetarian leather is not PVC, the most environmentally damaging of all plastics. We only use a specially engineered nylon or polyester fibre matrix, which do not produce any harmful off-gas or compounds.

Nappa leather

Our leather vanity cases are made using the finest, ethically and sustainably sourced Nappa leather. Our Italian supplier is fully ISO accredited and is governed by EU Tanning laws. All leathers are regulated to chromium V1 EU standards.

Peace Silk

We have Peace Silk options, a cruelty-free alternative to traditional silk collection that involves gathering the material from the cocoon after the moth has departed.


Our vanity cases and accessories use non-animal derived PVA based adhesives throughout all aspects of creation, meaning that they are completely cruelty free.


Our packaging is created largely from recycled material and is 100% recyclable from the consumer end.

Iconic vanity case Range rover London white vanity case
Iconic vanity case Range rover London white vanity case

Vegan Range

We are passionate about organics that best utilise the latest technology to manufacture materials, which are not only non-animal derived, but also durable and low risk to the environment. In addition, our vegan leather supplier is 100% PETA approved.